Calling a new batch on the Basrah Gas Company employment program for the first round graduates of 2023

The Career Development Center, within the framework of the cooperation mechanism signed between the University of basrah (UOB) and Basra Gas Company (BGC), announces the availability of a number of job opportunities for the first graduates to join Basra Gas Company within the company's program to employ graduates for the year 2023. The upcoming interviews target the first round of the morning studies for the current academic year 2022-2023, within the following specializations:



Colleges and Departments required

The scope of the first sequence covered by submission*

College of Arts - English Language

15 (the first fifteenth)

College of Arts - Translation

15 (the first fifteenth)


*The lists of the first names referred to in the table above can be found through the following link:


Submission mechanism:

 • The process begins with English language tests, where the following days of the test were identified:


 College of Arts - English Language, on September 26 th.

College of Arts - Translation, Thursday, September 28th.


• Until the test date approaches, applicants will have to prepare a CV in English (CV), in which a paper copy will be delivered upon reaching the date of the English language tests.


• The English language tests will take place at the headquarters of the university presidency located in the Al -Ashar area (on the Basra Corniche), where the graduate will require attendance before eight in the morning on the date specified above


The identification card, or identity with a nationality certificate, or passport (which is the preference).


• The names of those who obtained an acceptable level of English are announced publicly through the official media channels of the Career Development Center in preparation for the stages of tests and initial interviews at the company’s headquarters.


• Then those who passed the English language tests are called to attend the interviews at the Basra Gas Company website in Khor Al -Zubair, where the process is carried out by specialized committees and in the English language exclusively.


Important note:


In the event that the graduate is able to successfully overcome the stages of the tests and obtain a work offer for Basra Gas Company, he will have to/have to end any other job obligations completely as Basra gas employees will not be allowed according to the company's human resources policy to work for any other institution, whether it is in Public or private sector.

Basra Gas Company believes in integrity, as it is one of the essential values of the company, and is very keen to provide a fair opportunity for all applicants to work in the company by securing the mechanism of providing and choosing high transparency, to choose the most worthy in terms of graduation sequence, English, communication skills, leadership skills, and competencies Technology and administrative related to the targeted job opportunity.


In the event that there are any inquiries, you can contact the officials of the Career Development Center units, and distributors in all university colleges. We wish our dear graduates all the best and success