The Application Form for Summer Internship at Basra Gas Company

The UoB Career Development Center is thrilled to kick off applications for the 2024 BGC Summer Internship Programme, within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between UoB and Basra Gas Company (BGC). The paid BGC Summer Internship is of a duration of 6 weeks, for our University students, those who are in the Third Stage of their studies this year, within the required studies/ disciplines listed below:

Requested Studies/ Disciplines for 2024 BGC Internships
College of Administration and Economics - Business Administration | كلية الادارة والاقتصاد - ادارة الا عمال
College of Administration and Economics - Business Information Systems | كلية الادارة والاقتصاد - نظم المعلومات الادارية
College of Administration and Economics - Economics | كلية الادارة والاقتصاد - الاقتصاد
College of Administration and Economics - Projects Management | كليه الادارة والاقتصاد / القرنة - إدارة المشاريع
College of Arts - English | كلية الاداب - اللغة الانكليزية
College of Arts - Translation | كلية الاداب - الترجمة
College of Computer Science - Computer Science | كلية علوم الحاسوب وتكنولوجيا المعلومات - علوم الحاسوب
College of Engineering - Chemical Engineer | كلية الهندسة - الكيميائي
College of Engineering - Civil Engineer | كلية الهندسة - المدني
College of Engineering - Computer Engineer | كلية الهندسة - الحاسبات
College of Engineering - Electrical Engineer | كلية الهندسة - الكهرباء
College of Engineering - Materials Engineer | كلية الهندسة - المواد
College of Engineering - Mechanical Engineer | كلية الهندسة - الميكانيك
College of Engineering - Petroleum Engineering | كلية الهندسة - النفط
College of Science - Chemistry | كلية العلوم - الكيمياء

You can view the details of each available Internship Projects through the following link:

Application Conditions:
•    The application process for the 2024 BGC Internship Programme is done by filling out the electronic application form, which can be accessed through the following link:

•    Note that the last day for application submission is no later than 6/6/2024.
•    Applicants must be 3rd year morning study students from UoB and of the requested studies/ disciplines solely, otherwise application is automatically rejected.
•    The application process requires preparing a 2-4-minute video exclusively in English in which the student introduces themselves, sharing an overview of their interests, aspirations, experiences, the certificates s/he has obtained, if any, and why they believe they the best fit for the available internship project. The applicant provides the video link in the application form after ensuring the video is uploaded to YouTube as an ‘Unlisted’ video (only parties provided with the link are able to view it).
•    BGC selects the most suitable students for the internship projects after reviewing and assessing the applicants’ videos. Therefore, it is necessary that the recording is clear and understandable, and that the link to the video is effective and accessible without issues.
•    The names of those selected for the internship projects will be announced publicly through CDC, in preparation for kick start of the 2024 BGC Summer Internship Programme process, which is supposed to begin on 1-7-2024 and for a duration of 6 weeks!

Important notes:
Applicants who do not meet the criteria and conditions stated above or who applied incorrectly will be excluded, and their uploaded data will be automatically ignored. If the student is able to successfully pass the application and selection stages and secure the training opportunity at Basra Gas Company, s/he will be required to sign a training Agreement through which the relevant terms and conditions will be determined for both parties.

Basra Gas Company proudly considers Integrity as the company’s 1st Core Value, and is very keen to provide a fair opportunity for all applicants to benefit from the company's Internship Programme, by providing a highly transparent application and selection process, to choose the most suitable choice, in terms of communication, English language skills, and relevant technical and administrative competencies.

Should you have any inquiries, you are to solely contact the representatives of CDC, who are distributed among all UoB Colleges.

Best of luck to all applicants!
Government Communication and Media Department.